Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You heard it here 85,647th.

Geez, Iowa GOP voters, when I wrote "eke out a narrow plurality" yesterday I didn't think you would take me so literally. Also, while the exit of Bachmann is in no way surprising given my other prediction, I admit I will miss her particular brand of insanity as the national nomination process wears on, but mainly because it means we Minnesotans will now probably have to endure another defense of her Congressional seat. Finally, while I am admittedly late to the bandwagon, a big thank you to Rick Santorum and his second place finish for giving the blogosphere and Twitterverse a deep gushing well of double entendre headlines to exploit. If only the Santorum outpouring had prompted Perry's withdrawal too.

And somewhere among the depths of whatever compound he is holed up in, Tim Pawlenty continues to beat his head against the wall. 

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